To some, Mabala Noise is a record label that is infamous for benefitting from government tenders but to others, Mabala Noise is responsible for empowering South African musicians in a way that

Is not synonymous with some of the biggest record labels, hence 19 year hip hop superstar Nasty C strategically chose a deal with Mabala Noise over Jay-Z of Roc Nation.

Either way you look at it, Mabala Noise is innocent until proven guilty or its emergence symbolizes the dawn of a new era in South Africa on a socio-economic level. The label was founded by businessman and politician Reggie Nkabinde popularly known as the Gov’ner. Nkabinde’s massive investment into what many perceive to be weak industry in his capacity as an entrepreneur and a politician shows that he is leading the way, in simple terms “going against the grain” to break the various stigmas that are associated with music and the creative industry as a whole.

Mabala Noise is more than just an entertainment company, the establishment will in time serve as a call to action to the people in power to invest in the arts and culture as they form an inherent value of the various landscape of the different traditional heritage that exist in South Africa.

Music has proven to be a driver for social change but sadly, the support that it receives from the public does not match the positive impact that it has on society. Hopefully, Mr Reggie Nkabinde and Mabala Noise’s contribution towards arts, culture and the youth will encourage national and local governments, philanthropists, and companies to invest into South African music Arts and Culture for the sake of preserving our heritage and most importantly having ownership over our identity as South Africans.