Welcome to the future, where just about every artist and record label is releasing music in various digital forms.

There are quite a number of reasons why musicians and record labels are opting to release music digitally as opposed to releasing Compact Discs. The main reason being the fact that digital distribution helps to cut costs on printing, packaging and the pressing of CDs.

Indie record labels and start-up musicians can distribute their music without having to depend and wait on distributors who will not take on a new account unless they can be guaranteed millions of Rand’s worth of business. There are quite a number platforms in the digital space that musicians and independent record labels can utilize to attract the media, publishers and distributors. Visit www.wix.com/blog/2015/10/10-best-places-to-promote-your-music-online/ for the best places to promote music online.

The digital hustle can be very effective given the fact that the individual who is responsible for promoting music online is pro-active. The digital hustle must, however, be supplemented by regular live performances and other means of direct interaction with the general public to generate a fan base as well as develop a constituency.

The musician or indie record label can also use the little funds that they have to produce a batch of CDs and other related merchandise that will be sold at live shows as well as other gatherings at various locations. This will build exposure and it will become a substantial part of the indie record label or the musicians’ income.

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